Saturday, December 22, 2018

Step Right Up at Colette's Popcorn!

Step Right Up at Colette's Popcorn!

The first time that I tried Colette's Popcorn I was hooked...


When I walked in the store I was mesmerized by all of the different flavors of popcorn and the carnival atmosphere. It brought me back to when I went to the circus and saw someone selling popcorn in the stadium. 

Popcorn is such a fun food to eat and when I visited Colette's Popcorn I felt at home. There are so many flavors to try. Some of my favorites are "Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn" and "White Cheddar."

The collection of popcorn tastes are endless from sweet flavors such as "Snickerdoodle" to savory tastes such as "Spicy Buffalo Cheddar". Their flavors for the holidays are "Sugar Cookie" and "Mint Chocolate Drizzle." Imagine a thin mint cookie and add popcorn with it. Mmm. Since there are so many varieties to choose from the flavors are switched out frequently, but if there's one that you'd like and it isn't available you can call ahead of time and request it.

The bucket that you see in the picture above is about $12 to $13 dollars to fill it, and anytime you want to get it refilled you get $1 off the regular price. What makes it a lot of fun though is that I can fill up my bucket with as many flavors that I want. How fun is that?

How did Colette's Popcorn get started?

Patrick was a tax accountant in Virginia and wanted to do something different. Colette loved Myrtle Beach and they decided to figure out a way to live there. Patrick used to enjoy caramel popcorn at Fisher's in Maryland. When they moved to the beach they couldn't find great popcorn anywhere.

Patrick had an old popcorn machine and began tinkering with it so they could enjoy caramel popcorn again. The confection was so good that friends thought it could be sold, and in 2013 Colette's Popcorn was born. Colette was a teacher and started working with Patrick at the store a year later. Since then this place has boomed with popularity, and has been recognized by TripAdvisor.

I love going there because you're greeted with a smile and Colette's will make you feel like home. My bucket is empty and I'm ready to fill it. I wonder what I'll choose this time...  

If you'd like to visit Colette's Popcorn they're located at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach. This is their address:

4912 Hwy 17 S
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

Also, they deliver their popcorn so you can enjoy it anywhere!


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