Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Refreshing Moments

Here are some photos to inspire you and lift you up today.  :-)

Some days you just need time to step away and take a few moments for yourself in this world where getting a few moments of time can be challenging.

I've been getting ready for a few things and it has amazed me how many little details it takes to get what was needed to be finished done.

Everything that we get done, or read, or watch and/or listen to is one step closer to something more significant in our lives.

Even when it doesn't feel like dusting or washing a few dishes means anything keep doing what you're doing.  You are one step closer, and each step is bringing us exactly where we need to be!

Close your eyes, take a breath, and enjoy these photos.  Let them refresh and wash the stress away. :-)

May this message be a Blessing in your lives and mine.
In Jesus Name, Amen! :-)


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Instant Oatmeal???

Oatmeal, it's such a simple dish to make.  Or is it?

I grew up eating instant oatmeal, and strawberries and cream was my favorite flavor.  It was so easy to make.  You heat up the water, tear open the packet and pour the oatmeal in a bowl, then you'd pour the hot water in the bowl and stir...Instant oatmeal...???

Why is it so thin and soggy?  The oats are still tough and crunchy.  Oatmeal used to taste good.  What happened?

So I stopped eating it anymore until recently when I saw it in the grocery store.  Decided to try it again.  After all it's been years.  How bad could it be?  So I bought a box and brought it home.

Okay, here we go.

- fill cup with some water-check
- pour packet in bowl-check
- heat up water-check
- pour water in bowl and stir-check

Now let's taste...ugh...gross!

Oh no, not again!  Why????????????

Suddenly I had a thought, "Maybe there's something in the directions that will help me."  Hmm, the box reads:

-fill packet with water or milk to the line on the packet
-pour water or milk in oatmeal
-stir oatmeal
-heat oatmeal in the microwave

Fill packet with water or milk to the line???  What line?
Oh, that line!
Now let's try it this way...
 If I lost you with my oatmeal story here's the point.

When we think we know something or assume that it needs to be this way you get this.
 A big mess!

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and you thought that your way was correct and no one else's opinion mattered?  Sadly I've been guilty of that, a "few" times. ha-ha

I was remembering how "it's always been done."  How many times have you heard that phrase or maybe you've even said it yourself?

When we're rigid we become hardhearted or, if you'd like another word for it, pigheaded, stubborn, bullheaded, headstrong.  Okay, I think you get the point. :-)

If I'd kept making the oatmeal my way instead of following the box's directions it wouldn't turn out...period!  No matter how many times I'd try!

Maybe if you've been trying something and getting the same results over and over again it might be time to check the directions again or try to hear what someone else is telling you in a different way.

Now, doing the same thing over and over again.  There's a word that describes this, hmm...
What's it called again?  Ah yes, insanity!

Quit behaving insanely and try to look at the issue differently.  Maybe ask God if He would tell you again what He said so you can check if you missed anything.

I had the right ingredients, but when I changed the way to prepare it...
I got this! :-)
"He who has ears, let him hear..." (Matthew 11:15)

May this message be a Blessing in your lives and mine. In Jesus name, Amen! :-)