Wednesday, July 20, 2016


When I woke up last night it was raining outside and there was a blue hue in the room.  It was the glow from my fish tank. 

Instead of turning on the television or some lights I decided to sit there and stare at the glowing light.  Even though there was darkness all around me I felt such a peace.  No one else was around, the phone wasn't ringing. As the rain gently fell to the ground it was like magic filling the room.

The romantic in me could have danced in it.  The quiet allure of the night.  There is such a beauty in it.  When I looked outside and saw the stars glowing it caught my attention.

There are countless concerns about the condition of our world, and how it is failing.  That is when it occurred to me.  God said "Do not fear" numerous times to us.  Through people, His Word, even the stillness that you can feel in your heart.

Remember when God told Moses to lift up his staff so the Red Sea would part? (Exodus 14:21)

Moses Parting the Red Sea 

Imagine that you are one of the Israelites.  You just left Egypt and can finally come home.  Instead of heading back in a direction that you heard from your ancestors is the correct way, you see Moses leading everyone somewhere else.  Would you be afraid, concerned?  How about when people around you started screaming in fear.  They see a faint glimmer of Pharoah's chariot in the distance.  He is coming for revenge. 

What do you do?  Now Moses has led us up to the edge of what must have felt like the world.  There is nowhere else to go because the great sea has swallowed up the land.  How terrified would you be in this situation?!  Where would you go?  Who can you go to for help? 

Now, as if it wasn't enough, the Israelites start talking amongst themselves.  They are in disbelief that not only is there no where else to go, but now Moses is lifting his 'staff' in the air?  What is he doing?

What has happened?  Why would God lead everyone this way? So they can get killed by Pharaoh?!    Nowhere is safe.  Cannot run.  We...are...finished!

Then, something happens.  A great wind envelopes the crowd.  Clouds of thunder roll in.  Instantly, water shoots up towards the sky.  It is not coming back down.  Something or 'someone' is holding it up.  A pathway opens.  This is the moment!  That everything changes.  As you take the first step into what was the sea the ground is muddy, and the smell of salty ocean air permeates the walkway.

This is something new, different, and safe.  It may not have been the 'way' that they thought.  It was better!  It would be impossible to follow God's people because when the Egyptians tried to the water collapsed on their bodies crushing and drowning them.  The enemy was slain!

Are you afraid?  Do you struggle with fear and/or hate?  Jesus said "I am the Way, The Truth, and the Life. No One comes to the Father except 'through' Me."  (John 14:6)

'His' path is one of love, mercy, kindness, forgiveness, and love.  Even when He is rejected Jesus doesn't change.  When we are asleep He sees you.  When you cry it breaks His heart.  When you fear He comes to comfort you.  When you hate He calms and soothes our souls.

Going back to the original point that I made my mind is swept back to a song that I heard called "Be Not Afraid". "Be not afraid, I go before you always. Come follow Me, and I will give you rest."

Do not be afraid of this world.  The air we breathe, and the gravity surrounding us was made 'for' us.  Even when there is stillness it doesn't mean that God's storm is not coming.  He Will fight for the just and the righteous.  Jesus fights for His beloved.  His Bride.  His Queen!

When you feel your heart tremble.  When the news of what is going on grips you with fear.  Remember, You Are Not Alone!  "Be still and know that I am God.  I will be exalted among the nations.  I will be exalted in the Earth." (Psalm 46:10)




  1. It is wonderful to know that God shines His light into even our darkest places! Praise God!

      First of all Thank you so much for your kind words. Secondly, when we received your comment we did try to reply back. Turns out we replied to an email and not the comment box. :(

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      Yes, it is wonderful. There is nowhere that is too dark or difficult for Him. He is always there to help us with our fears. :-)