Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Christmas...It is such a special time of the year. Lights, presents, candles, gatherings...You can feel the love in the air.

Do you remember the story called "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" by Dr. Seuss? When the Grinch realized that Christmas meant more than packages, boxes, and bags.

If you saw Jesus right now what would be His Christmas present?

Where has His Christmas Spirit fled?

The truth is Christmas is Jesus Birthday. Does it really matter if His birthday is being celebrated on the correct day or not? Have you ever been to someone's birthday party when it was a Saturday, and the person's birthday was on Sunday, or a few days later, or vice versa?

We are also celebrating the "reason" that Jesus was!

What Christmas presents is He receiving this year...from you?

Time is the most important thing that you can give Him. Think about a special loved one, family and/or friends. How much time do you like to spend with him/her?

If the meal isn't perfect does it matter? If you didn't give the perfect gift, is the evening a disaster?

I am realizing how high a standard people have set on themselves to have the "perfect' Christmas.

Perfection. It is a standard that can only bring pain because in our human abilities it is an unattainable expectation on ourselves.

This year I have seen so much craziness getting prepared for Christmas Day. And I have asked myself, "What can I give You Jesus for Christmas?"

And the answer that hit my heart was Love.

It is my prayer that you do not get bustled up in the anxiety and frustration that occurs when trying to have the "perfect" day.

We do not need to do that. Jesus gave us the perfect day. We call this day Christmas!

So this Christmas, if some of the cookies are burnt, or the gravy doesn't turn out just right, remember, JESUS is the reason to Celebrate, Stop, step back and remember Why we have today!

Merry Christmas Everyone and God Bless!!! :-)


Saturday, October 3, 2015


Some pieces are sharp,

Some are soft,

Some can pinch you,

Others do not.

When all of the pieces don’t seem to fit,

Just remember,

You are a “puzzle”, and not just a “stitch”.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I cannot believe that it has been over a year since I have written anything. My mind has been swollen with soooo many different thoughts and feelings.

Guess you could say that I took a "vacation" from writing...I have missed it.

It is amazing how freeing it can feel to share what is on your heart. 

This past year has been a time of discovery.  Who I am, what I am meant for, let go...of everything.

It is wonderful not feeling the pressure of "having" to take care of stuff.  When you wait long enough God will open His arms, and sweep the difficult times under His wings.

The truth is, There will ALWAYS be change.  And that is a GOOD thing.

So, hello change.  I am open for what you have for me!