Friday, April 26, 2013

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The Steps of a Righteous Man!

This has been a very interesting year!  For one, it was the first year that I have ever given a presentation to a women's group.

What an interesting weekend!  :-)

My breath caught in my chest when it was time for me to stand up, and share God's Word that was on my heart.  My hands felt clammy thinking about what would happen within the next few minutes.  My life would change forever, and it did!

Instead of everything starting out smoothly, there were a few bumps on the road.  Why should I be surprised.  After all, isn't that what makes Rocky Road delicious!  All the bumpy pieces of chocolate and marshmallow, mmm :-)

What I learned that weekend is that it is not the destination, it's the JOURNEY that matters!  As I was reading a devotional today, there was a part that jumped out at me.  I realized that God can make anything happen, but when He "calls" us to do something, it's NOT because we Can, it's because He knows we can do it!....THROUGH HIM!!!!

During the weekend my back hurt so bad that I thought it would break, and I could barely take one more second of the pain!  That is when all I had in front of me was fear.  Fear of myself, my journey, fear of the disappointment that I would make if I could not make it to the last event of the weekend.

I had to keep going, but how?...The clock was ticking, and I could feel each second pulsate through my soul.  It was almost time to be there, but how?  Here it is, the event that I have waited, prayed about, and cried for all year.  This weekend that had so much sweat, tears, and joy was almost over, and like a chocolate cake I was NOT going to miss the last bite! :-)

As I was alone in my room crying to God for help suddenly these words came into my heart, "The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord." (Psalm 37:23)  At first I heard it once, but then it started beating in my heart.  The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord.  The more I kept saying it the louder it felt in my soul.  As I struggled getting ready for the last event of the retreat I sang these words.  The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord.

Then for the first time those words made sense, "The Steps of  Righteous Man are ORDERED BY THE LORD!!!!  It is God that designs my life, and not just me!  I mean, I could by myself, but would it be NEARLY as masterful and beautiful as the one that the Creator would make!

That is when it hit me, God was ordering my steps, and not myself!  He is the driver in my life!  What about you?  Does He drive or are you being a back seat driver?!  :-)

It was a miracle that I made it through the night.  In the natural there was NO WAY that I could move.  It was ONLY when I recited God's words that I came to life.  The Steps of a Righteous Man are Ordered By The Lord! 

What about you?  When is the last time that you get Jesus be Lord of your life?  Do you truly trust Him, or is He more of a figment in your mind that sits there as someone who is there in your life, but only as a Name and Not as Lord!  Ephesians speaks about how we are to treat our master.  Is Jesus master in your life?

When I had no strength of my own I realized how important it is to allow God to take control of my life because without His directions I will crash into a mud hole or worse fall off a bridge, literally!

He is the only one that knows Exactly how everything is supposed to be!  Period!

When you wake up do you ask Him what you are supposed to do today?  It's not just the big things that count, it's the little things too!  Make Jesus LORD of your life, and not just FRIEND!   He can be both!  No one else can!

So when you feel yourself getting tired, stressed out, and not knowing what to do,...ask Him, are you following your "own" steps or the "steps of the Lord?"  I know which choice I will make.  I hope you do the same!

May this message Be a Blessing in Your Lives and Mine! :-)